Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Preview: Urban Decay's Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows II

I debated for the longest time about getting the Book of Shadows Vol II from Urban Decay. I love Urban Decay, and it is one of my favorite brands. However, I've never bought eyeshadow from them since I don't tend to wear tons of glitter/shimmer. I was sorely tempted by Book of Shadows Vol. II, but now I'm glad I didn't get it!

Behold, the Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows, available via UrbanDecay.com on January 15th. It looks like plenty of old colors renamed with Alice-related names, if you take a look at PurseBuzz's exclusive swatches. However, since I don't own any UD shadow colors, this will be perfect for me!

As for me, I adore the little fold out pop out packaging and I simply can't wait for January 15th. Three... more.. days..

How about you? Is this a haul? A skip?

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  1. I wasn't a massive fan of Urban Decay for a while either, as where I love the whole edgy thing, and I wear a lot of dark shadows in the daytime, I'm not a massive fan of glitter. However over christmas I got the urban decay ammo palette, and half are shimmer, half are glitter. The shimmer is actually quite nice, and can always be played up and down, and the glitter isn't TOO ott, [some shadows are: e.g. oil slick] and the fallout is bad, but eyes before face and it's not too bad.

    :D I THINK i might get this, I'm still not sure, going to see how much it is when its released in the UK, as I also don't have a Book of Shadows yet.

    I saw PurseBuzz's swatches too, and I was pleased to find out of the shadows only 5 are glittery, so I'm tempted. I sometimes perfer shimmer to matte, or a combination of the two, as my eyes are really small :(